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When it comes to experiencing pain in the wrist and hand, there can be various underlying reasons. Common injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, along with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, are known to cause discomfort in these areas. To gain a deeper understanding of the potential source of your pain and explore effective treatment options, continue reading below.

Manual therapy is a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment method utilized by hand therapists to address musculoskeletal pain. When you visit a therapist, they may employ techniques such as joint manipulation, muscle manipulation, joint mobilization, and kneading to alleviate pain and discomfort.

What are the Benefits of Manual Therapy?

The manual therapy techniques offered by our certified hand therapists include:

1. Pain Relief: Manual therapy can help alleviate pain and discomfort by reducing inflammation, releasing endorphins, and promoting tissue healing.

2. Improved Range of Motion: By targeting specific areas of restriction, manual therapy techniques help improve joint flexibility and increase range of motion, enabling individuals to perform daily activities with greater ease.

3. Enhanced Functionality: Manual therapy can improve hand and upper extremity function by addressing joint limitations, reducing muscle tension, and optimizing biomechanics.

4. Accelerated Recovery: These techniques stimulate blood circulation and promote tissue regeneration, aiding in faster healing and rehabilitation.

Our Treatment Approach

No two individuals are alike, and our certified hand therapists recognize the importance of tailoring treatment to each patient’s specific needs. They take the time to understand your unique condition, symptoms, and functional goals. This personalized approach ensures that the manual hand therapy techniques used are optimized for your individual circumstances, maximizing the effectiveness of your treatment.

What Does It Mean To Be Saebo Certified?

At our Occupational Therapy Clinic, being “Saebo Certified” is a mark of our commitment to excellence in manual therapy. Our occupational therapists are extensively trained in Saebo’s groundbreaking rehabilitation products, specifically designed for clients recovering from neurological injuries like strokes or brain trauma. This certification empowers our therapists with superior skills and in-depth knowledge to effectively use Saebo’s specialized devices. For our clients, this translates to access to avant-garde rehabilitation techniques focused on motor recovery and life quality enhancement. Our Saebo Certified occupational therapists are proficient not only in handling these unique tools but also in seamlessly integrating them into tailored therapy plans. This ensures that our clients benefit from the most advanced and personalized care, optimizing their recovery process.

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When it comes to optimizing hand health and function, the manual therapy techniques delivered by our certified hand therapists at Gabbert Clinic are instrumental. With their specialized expertise, tailored treatment plans, and collaborative approach to rehabilitation, our hand therapists are dedicated to helping individuals regain optimal hand health and overall well-being.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our certified hand therapists can utilize manual therapy techniques to improve your hand function, alleviate pain, and enhance your quality of life.

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