Gabbert Clinic Testimonials

“Exceptional quality care. I highly recommend her. I left from my first appointment relieved of pain and ready to begin healing with the tools and guidance I needed. It’s not often that you can walk into a P.T. appointment in pain and leave feeling better from the first visit. She has an innate ability to locate the source of the issue and gets right to it. Very talented. Amy will not tell you to not do life with your hands . She will be your ally and support you with your daily life goals.”

April W

“Amy is absolutely the best physical therapist I have ever had for any body part! 🙂 She is thorough, knowledgeable, effective, efficient and friendly. She takes the time to listen and understand your symptoms so that she can provide the most effective therapy to help you improve. I really can’t recommend her highly enough! As a bonus for me, she is just 7 minutes from my home!”

Donna M

“I was referred to see Amy through my workers comp after having spent months doing physical therapy elsewhere. She was extremely thorough and explored many options to help facilitate healing and scar tissue minimization. I enjoyed our visits and probably talked her ear off all the while she didn’t make it seem that way. Ultimately my hand/tendon is in a better place than before we started. Would definitely go back.”

Vincent M

“Amy is an exceptional therapist with extensive knowledge of hand, arm, and elbow function. My husband was in a terrible car accident that resulted in nerve damage, cartilage loss, and an extensive surgery to repair a compound elbow fracture. Amy has been instrumental in getting some movement back in an elbow that was locked very tight by the time we found Amy. She has worked with our insurance and gone above and beyond in accommodating our schedule with so many doctor and therapist visits. We are so glad we found. Amy, and can not recommend her any more highly. Thank you, Amy!”

Audrey G

“I had trigger-finger surgery at another clinic. My finger was not working well after a number of months. They referred me to the Gabbert Clinic for therapy. It only took 1 session with Amy to get me on the road to recovery. She was able to relieve some of the pain and show me how to proceed. I now have full function of that finger with no pain. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that has a hand problem.”

Steve H

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Jordan K

“I experienced a life changing work related injury to my thumb and wrist. After multiple surgeries and almost two years we have come a long way which wouldn’t have been possible without Amy! She has helped me to bring normalcy back into my everyday life and couldn’t imagine where I’d be without her expertise.” 

Zach S

“Amy is an absolute pleasure to be a patient of. I lacerated my thumb at work towards the end of August and had some nerve damage because of it. She’s been incredibly helpful with her techniques and exercises and I’m steadily getting better. Also incredibly personable and a joy to talk with on a variety of subjects but we’ve mostly been nerding out over film and television, would recommend this clinic all day long.”